Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mastermind Marketing Teleseminars for Profit

Mastermind Teleseminars for Profit
 Turnkey Business System

The Internet is full of people who have made millions marketing new products or training seminars.  These products range from how to make money with an Adsense campaign to becoming a million-dollar seller on e-Bay.  Sometimes the products are computer programs.  

Other times it could be an e-book the person has written.  There are many ways to market a new product.  One of  the most successful marketing campaigns has become the tele-seminar.

There are very few people who do not know what a seminar is.  T This method of marketing has become one of the most profitable ways to introduce new products.  The Internet gurus are finding that they can establish their credibility.  This allows them to gain the customer's confidence.  When the customer believes in the seller they are willing to buy the product.

tele-seminars are actually conference calls.  The way it works is one person will determine a time and date for the conference call to take place.  They will then advertise this conference call through e-mails, newsletters, web site postings.  It is an actual advertising campaign issued to generate a large response.  Once there are enough people who have registered for the tele-seminar, an access number and code is issued.  The people who have registered for the seminar must use this number and code to access the conference call.

The conference call can be any length.  The person who arranged for the conference is called the host.  The guests are the registered users who have dialed the number and entered the access code.  Without the code the guest cannot log in to the seminar.

There are times when the information is offered for free.  Other times the host may require a small fee when the guest registers for the seminar.  It depends on the type of information being presented.

Many Internet gurus have learned that by holding a tele-seminar they could generate interest in a new product.  The guests become excited about the product.  They will then log into a particular web site to buy the product.  In this instance many times the conference call is free.

This is an exciting new way to generate more income on the Internet.  More and more people are taking advantage of this type of advertising.  There are many companies who offer this type of service now.  Some are very inexpensive.  Others can cost quite a bit. 

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In this book
we will explain how you can use a tele-seminar to expand your business.  You
will learn how to market products.  You will find information on where to
access tele-seminar services.  We will show you how to conduct a tele-seminar. 
We will even explain the reasons why you would want to give the service away
for free.  We will also help you understand when you should charge for the
conference calls.  By the time you are done reading you will know how to set
up your own tele-seminar so you too can start making money.

Mastermind Teleseminars for Profit
 Turnkey System